1kg五花肉片套餐 1kg Meat slice maniac set


1kg五花肉片套餐 1kg Meat slice maniac set


套餐包含: 1kg五花唰唰肉片, 响玲卷4卷, 火锅炸腐皮 7片+-,
香菇肉水饺 5粒, 依面&风干面各1个, 包菜一盒, 酱料3小盒, 纸汤碗2个,
汤底: 浓缩汤底500ml 需要勾兑水500ml.
Package includes: 1kg specialty meat slice, 4 rolls Xiangling rolls, +-7 slices of hot pot fried fupi, 5 pieces of mushroom meat dumplings, 1 each of Yimian and dried noodles, 1 box of cabbage, 3 small boxes of sauce, 2 paper soup bowls,
Disposable chopsticks, 2 paper towels & toothpicks, 1 disposable tablecloth, and garbage bag.
Soup base: 500ml concentrated soup base needs to be blended with 500ml water.

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